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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Sunday  NBC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we will have continuing live analysis of tonight's debate on and if you missed part of this debate, you can see it begin starting right now on msnbc. for now, i'm chuck todd in charleston, south carolina. from all of with us, we say good night. . a deadly tornado outbreak leaves a path of destruction across two bay area counties. >> looks like a war zone. >> we have live storm team 8 coverage in the hardest hit areas from siesta key to duette, where the tornado took two lives. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm jennifer leigh. >> and i'm keith cate. a tornado outbreak across the area. two people are dead tonight, four others injured, numerous homes and businesses damaged or destroyed. you can see from eagle 8 hd
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of condo buildings. on the ground, the windows are blown out of car after car, and debris litters the ground everywhere. we have team coverage tonight covering this historic storm from all angles. we will begin tonight with melanie michael. she is in manatee county, where those two people were killed. mel? good evening to you both. right off the top, i want to show you a live look at this hour of what crews are working on in the community of duette, literally working around the clock to help repair this area confusion, and sheer terror. as the sun set in rural manatee county, the impending night fall seemed to bring with it anxiety and heartache. after all, less than 24 hours ago under the cover of night, a raging, twisting force of destruction ripped through duette and took the lives of
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>> we were all praying for them. just wonderful people. the world's not going to be the same without them. >> reporter: steve and katie wilson spent their final hours with the people they loved the most, their son and their four grandchildren. saturday afternoon, they took a long walk with the grandkids and cooked s'mores over a fire. hours later, the terror began. >> then the winds picked up again and it started storming real bad. the grandkids were in the barn screaming. >> reporter: the family was caught in a savage storm, a neighbors. >> really knew their hearts, really knew their love for just unbelievable. >> reporter: a tornado ripped their home off its foundation, hurling it across the road, chewing and twisting the metal in the process.
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would be found crushed by the debris. only his feet were visible. then in a shocking twist of fate, his wife had a heart attack in the ambulance as she was being rushed to the hospital. >> i kept telling her, i said katie, let's go! then she died. >> reporter: as you can see, a lot of emotion and heartache here in duette tonight. the son and the four grandchildren are recovering, jen, in area hospitals. this is going to be a long time before people can really come to grips with what happened here overnight. >> it's such a heartbreaking story, mel. accounts. they are very chilling. it also breaks my heart any time we cover stories like this to think about how scared these folks must have been, desperate to find their loved ones. were, jen. it was dark here overnight. there were no lights, no electricity, people running down the road, frantic to try
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we saw how it ended. >> they were very gracious to share their story with us tonight. thank you, melanie michael, live in duette. well, this devastation started on siesta key when a waterspout blew onshore, it tore apart the beach, the condominiums, many people surprised in the middle of the night when the roof vanished in front of them. john rogers got a firsthand look at the damage and joins us now live from siesta key with more on this. >> reporter: check it out, you can see a lot of the damage. this car was completely blown apart earlier. no one is allowed inside the building because the roof was completely blown off. we were at a fourth floor unit where we saw a lot of damage and devastation. it's a miracle no one was killed in this tornado here. the governor himself came over to survey the damage.
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this fourth floor condo. torn apart. around 3:00 a.m., julian was rudely awakened and ran to take cover. >> as i was running through that corridor, that and that time. >> it fell on top of you? >> yeah. so i have a bit of a mark on the top of my head. i'm alive. >> reporter: julian went into this room, desperate to find his parents. >> i opened my parents' door and i watched the ceiling fall on them and it was terrifying. >> reporter: everyone took cover inside a bathroom and hid for more than an hour, while them. in the aftermath, the roof is missing, debris everywhere, and unlivable. >> there's like an instinctive thing of gather, protect, and it worked. nobody panicked really is what it was. everybody helped each other. >> reporter: today, governor rick scott took a look at the
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he checked on the residents and thanked the first responders who took quick action. >> this state is well prepared for disasters. i mean, you go across the state, the sheriff's department, police department, the city, county managers, they do a good job. >> reporter: with the threat of more tornadoes this season because of el nino, governor scott says florida is well prepared to handle any weather emergency. tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the county will provide resources for those terrible storms. this will be held over at phillippi estate park from 11:00 to 2:00 p.m., on south tamine trail. they will have sheriff's deputies, red cross, salvation army, a lot of officials to help folks who were affected by today's weather. back to you. >> john, it's still early. it takes a while to do this sort of thing, but the extent
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and cents, do we have any sense in sarasota county today? >> reporter: it's definitely in the millions. officials will be inspecting tomorrow. as of now, county officials say 60 properties in the area were damaged by this tornado. remember, many of those were condos, which have a lot of people in them, so a lot of people were impacted by this. >> all of those belongings as well. thank you, john rogers, reporting live from siesta key tonight. in sarasota, rod carter continues team coverage from bay winds drive. rod? >> reporter: good evening, jen. as you would imagine, it's been a very long and scary day out here in sarasota. looking at this nearly $2 million home, you can certainly see why. a very tough day for the folks who live here, very scary night. into the night, the work continues, repairing the damage
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so powerful it ripped apart this sarasota home. but in all of this, stories of survival. >> where we are standing is where her bedroom was. >> reporter: tammy stockton's mom lives here. the tornado ripped off the second floor, exactly where her mom was. >> it was very scary. the downstairs visitor called my house about 3:15 and said the windows had blown out downstairs and she tried to call my mom and she didn't answer. she couldn't get to the upstairs, so my husband and i came over here real quick and this is what we found. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: tammy and volunteers worked all day to save whatever they could. >> i can't believe they are intact! >> reporter: she is happy these are fine, pictures of her mother nancy when she was miss sarasota, in 1960, mementos that cannot be replaced. >> it was an awful situation. >> reporter: nancy's best
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is tough, but so is this. >> i know nancy. nancy has a lot of grit inside of her. but i know the fear that she felt, not knowing if the -- what was above her was going to come down on her or if the floor was going to get so wet that she was going to fall through it. >> reporter: but she survived. hard to believe when you look at what's left behind. but she did. >> she is doing okay. she is pretty banged up. her face. but she's doing okay. >> reporter: knowing just how horrible this was, you can understand why they are so thankful the sign says it is unsafe. i spoke with another man who was inside the house when the storm arrived and he told me it was extremely scary for him. he was trapped under two beams and had to be rescued as well. he was very thankful for the fellows who got him out. jen? >> how terrifying for that
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my heart goes out to all of those families. rod carter, thank you. >> reporter: sure. as these tornadoes ripped apart homes overnight in the wee hours of the morning, newschannel 8 was on the air warning people to go ahead and take cover. >> storm team 8 chief meteorologist steve jerve was here all through the night. this is a storm we won't soon forget, steve. of course. john mentioned the el nino phase, creating tornadoes. we've seen that historically and certainly seen that so far in the last two weeks. six tornadoes, many much greater than we typically see in strength in the state of florida. take a look at what happened here the last eight hours. you can see this is 12:55 a.m. essentially this morning. you can see back to the west this area of low pressure, all of those lightning strikes. right there as the showers came together and that squall line came ashore around 3:00, that's where the tornadoes occur, then
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this was all moving so very quickly. that first tornado you can see on velocity mode, confirmed ef2 tornado coming ashore with 132 mile-per-hour winds, about a mile path for that one. the same area, this couplet that we saw on the velocity moved into the northern part of manatee county and a second tornado came out of it. that one, unfortunately, caused the fatalities. 127 mile-per-hour winds there with a 9-mile path, which is highly unusual in florida. typically they stay on the ground for a very short time, but this is a different situation. we could still see thunderstorms throughout the rest of the winter because of the el nino influence on our atmosphere. >> like an entire season. we get through hurricane season, now a whole weird system we're wearing about. thank you, steve. we'll check in with you a little later on. coming up, we'll show you a vacation hot spot that turned into a nightmare, thanks to mother nature. >> and the bay area isn't the only place in florida to see a tornado overnight.
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. it's really remarkable, the view from the sky gives you an even better perspective how widespread the damage is,
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eagle 8 hd flew above it all in siesta key. >> reporter: as the sun rose, eagle 8 hd flew high in the sky above the devastation. manatee and sarasota county residents left scrambling to gather any possessions worth saving from their leveled homes after a tornado ripped through their neighborhoods. some homes were spared, others were not. crews quickly responded, sorting through what's left behind. in the northeast section of manatee county, the city of duette is grieving. two people there were killed when a tornado knocked their mobile home off its cinder blocks. high above the scene, you can see the foundation where the home used to be. what was a family's home, ripped apart by mother nature. a devastating scene, this is all that's left, twisted metal and snapped wood piled on top of cars. friends, neighbors and families are now left searching through the rubble, trying to make sense of it all.
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are not used to seeing beaches like this. lounge chairs, tossed. debris, littering the beach, which should be a beautiful day destroyed by a treacherous storm. the force of the tornado tore roofs off this condo on bay winds lane, leaving people's homes and lives exposed. heavy winds knocking over trees and power lines, even wrecking parking structures. first responders had to rescue one woman from a collapsed home in the beach community. with an expensive recovery ahead, it's these scenes that residents across the bay area, especially in manatee and sarasota counties, won't soon forget. >> and a lot of residents on the coast are shocked to see something like this could happen in the bay area. there is structure damage just about everywhere you look along the coastline. here's a close-up look. you can see the parking lot littered with shingles and sheet metal, garbage cans, trees toppled. paul lamson was there earlier today and got a tour of some of the damaged places.
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i'm probably up on the fourth floor, i believe. here's a lot of the damage. if pi turn this way to walk up, if i walk up, you see the damage here. then out over the awning, you can see the roof's torn off. right over here, here's one that's ripped down into the structure. if i pan up here, you can see the fire alarms are going up. we're going to walk up another flight of steps. as i walk up, you can see the damage that's here. this is all parts of the roof. i'm getting up here to the railing and you can see it's been torn off. the wind here was so strong, here's all the damage. down here into the parking lot, the van has the back window taken out. if i pan out here, you can see wide the damage on the ground. i just had an interesting conversation with a man from new york.
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his car is the buick back here. it is safe, no scratches, no broken glass. but just in front of him, check out this one. windows are gone, shattered. back sheet is filled with glass. if you look down the rows of cars here, there's most of them with broken glass. so his car got lucky, not getting hit. as i walk, i'm going to walk over here. adding insult to injury just a bit ago, a heavy rain storm blew through this area. as it did, all of this debris that's on the ground, much of it started blowing back again down this way. >> again, that's our photo journalist paul lamson talking and walking and you can see the damage, the devastating storms left behind. sarasota fire rescue has deemed this condo you see uninhabitable for the people supposed to be living there. the american red cross is making sure residents have somewhere safe they can go. again, lot to see., we have continuing coverage of the tornadoes and
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of the damage there, all of that on the home page. it wasn't just the bay area hit by severe weather overnight. on the east coast, just outside west palm beach, an ef1 tornado also touched down, ripping through hobie sound. strong winds and heavy rains toppled trees, snapped limbs and knocked out the power to thousands of homes. neighbors say they heard the trademark sound of a freight train coming at them. >> first i thought it was a train outside, but it's nothing like that. it's like the train was right on top of the house. >> everybody has pitched in to help and has been absolutely wonderful. it's been awesome. >> also good news, no injuries were reported in that particular area. steve, we see this from time to time. when we do, it always takes our breath away again and again, just the destructive power of nature as it moves through, even when you see it coming. >> yeah, it was a reminder how violent nature can be. of course we know about hurricanes.
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destructive, but when you have this phase, even during a regular wintertime phase, you can see the damage. all we can do is warn you and all you can do is have a plan. >> but even that el nino event in 1998, we saw weather like this, tornadoes. >> yeah, in fact, 40 people lost their lives in kissimmee due to tornado. doesn't happen often, but when it does, certainly can be violent. we saw that today. temperatures are cool and things are stable in the atmosphere. that's good news to report, as high pressure builds back in. 70 degrees, our high temperature in the forecast for 71 on friday. this average line of 70 degrees, that's our average high, but it will be cool this week. highs in the 60s overall, fairly chilly for this time of year. as we look at our forecast in the overnight, cold weather. we certainly had a lot of that this week with high temperatures in the 60s, but 45 degrees overnight. that's very cool. temperatures in the upper 50s into the afternoon and a bit of northeast.
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around that area of high pressure. of course we had that intense low pressure area off the east coast. that created a tight pressure gradient that rolled with the stronger northwest and northerly flow. right now, cool, temple terrace. 52 in odessa. 52 in sun city center. elsewhere, it is 51 degrees in frost. upper 40s in brooksville. currently winds from the north- northwest, not bad. gusts are still there, but not as extreme as they were today, gusting over 20 miles per hour. we are headed for a lighter period of winds. that makes it feel much cooler. we did have strong wind gusts this afternoon. you can see it gusting up to 46 miles per hour in st. petersburg. this is after the storm had passed. this area of low pressure did create a tighter pressure gradient. as it moves farther away, the influence from that system will wane on us. high pressure continues to see a flow around the east side from the north. freeze watch is in place for
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does not include the tampa bay area. but obviously, it's going to be cool. quite a few clouds rolling in the east. south florida. but some of these, just high and a few midlevel clouds. rpm forecast for tomorrow morning, chilly and at times might feel breezier because it's cool. temperatures in the 30s in some of those northern spots. keep in mind we have clear skies and that will allow any kind of heat we build through the day to go through the ceiling. monday afternoon, high stays to the south. we stay dry and certainly chilly through this period. then through tuesday morning, clear skies and light winds, cold conditions. probably some of the coolest weather of the season. we could see some temperatures near freezing potentially in some of those northern areas. you'll see that on the seven- day forecast, very cool air overall. a very dry air mass in place, blue skies and sunny carries through tuesday evening into wednesday. but overall, a chilly week. we moderate a bit at the end of the week. rain chance on friday.
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40 in land of lakes. if you're watching from out of town, yes, this is very chilly in florida, especially since we had a very warm winter. so far, january has been a little cooler certainly, but december was record warmth. high temps for tomorrow, upper 50s, low 60s. some of the inland areas nice and warm in the afternoon, but starts out cool. plenty of sunshine will make it feel warm. get out of the wind. find a nice, sunny spot, you'll be fine. 45 degrees to start the day. 60 in the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, a few clouds with a northwesterly wind at 10 for 15 miles an hour, slowly transitioning to a northeastern flow. but for now, look at the lows tuesday morning and also into wednesday morning. temperatures in the upper 30s through this period. then by the end of the week, near 70. but we run a rain chance through on friday. not as violent, we don't anticipate, as the last round of showers. rain chance, 40%. another recooling of the air for saturday and for sunday. think about that hot december
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>> it's gone. if it wasn't for the tornadoes, >> yeah. >> thank you. and the devastation from today's tornadoes, just awful, as you well know. in the middle of the tragedy, including this one. while searching for victims after the tornado in siesta key, firefighters made this discovery. see that little puppy in the woman's arms here? rubble. >> our first concern is always victims, so we rescued both victims. we did a secondary search, make sure no one was in the structure. we did a 360-degree of the structure and found the dog on the back roof, wet, cold, and we brought the dog out. >> it is going to be a long cleanup process, but right now this one family is very happy to have their pet back. >> i bet they are. still ahead, the nfl playoffs weren't the only full contact sport on display tonight.
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duking it out at a final debate before voting starts in iowa. >> also ahead, three americans released by iran in a prisoner exchange arrive on friendly
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figure out how we can save lives. >> you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> a new nbc news poll shows clinton leads sanders by 25 points nationally. the iowa caucus is february 1, two weeks from monday. the u.s. state department is working tonight to find three americans who may have been kidnapped in iraq. a dubai-based news service reported the three americans baghdad. u.s. officials are looking into that. tonight, three americans who were prisoners in iran are now in germany. this is video of a convoy transporting the americans to the u.s. military base where they will receive medical treatment. iran released the three men yesterday as part of a prisoner swap. no word yet on when they will be flown home to the united states. we are down to the final four in the nfl playoffs. >> coming up, dan lucas and paul ryan will show you if the broncos were manning up, if you will, against the steelers.
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highlights from both of today's
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